How does holding 3 jobs + going to uni full time sound? Crazy??? yes definatley, but I am about to embark upon that adventure. I’ve got another part time job lined up. The new job was for 7 hours possibly either for one person or job shared between 2. The candidates were good, so it will be job shared. It’s a really cool job, and I’m quite looking forward to the experiences it will provide. Though as for holding 3 jobs, I am going to see how my schedule works out, if it is too busy (which it very well may be), I will have to make the decision to cut back one of the jobs I currently work as/for, which will be sad in a way as I love that job too, but I have to also think of the future, career wise, and these other two jobs are great experiences, which provide me with a lot of new persepctives and challenges.

Ooh on another thing, today in my lecture, the lecturer said there is going to be a new format for the Plant ID tests tomorrow and for the future, to make it simpler as the previous one had too much writing. She showed us a skeleton of it. I actually thing the new test is alot harder. With the written even though we has to write more, I felt that writing the answers down jogged my memory about what I had read/learnt. Whereas now ticking boxes, brings up the likeliness of random ticking which is likened to multiple choice tests which I have never really been a big fan of. Looks like we will all have to wait and see how it goes.