Mmm I think I’m kinda hooked on the Metroblogging site. There’s always some new fun story to read from one of the bloggers. Which cities are my fave? Bangkok, London, New York and Toyko… which is the funniest? Bangkok and New York. Oh yeah who watches The Amazing Race? I so wanted Kris and Jon to win, they were nice. But argh Freddy and Kendra won… oh well. Next season starting next week will be fun, I think they head to Peru.

Oh yeah yesterday we had this assignment due, but there were all sorts of problems with submission because of exe and dll files being blocked by the email server so now we have till next week. I reckon its bad, ‘cos even though we’ve been given the okay to modify it and all (i.e. an extension, we were already given a one week extension before that, so in the end 2 weeks) I think it will effect the overall outcome. Oh well good for some, bad for others. Other than that been on the interview run, and drawing lots of circles for PMQA. I had an interview with a company in North Sydney the other day. I’m quite impressed by the organisation. It sounds like a really fun/great environment to work in, as well as an organisation where employees are exposed to a multitude of challenges and new experiences. Something I’d definatley love!