Well, well… on the supermarket run I decided to test the Saberspoon theory (see previous post). However unlike others, I’d feel a bit odd loading a trolly with 9 boxes of cereal then weighing them, so I took two boxes to the fruit and vegie section. Weighed them and both boxes were well over their stated weigh of 595 grams. One weighed 715 and the other 725 respectively. I went for the heavier. And lo and behold I now have a green lightup Saberspoon in my hand… I have a feeling the other box had one too. It was kinda funny as all the stories I’ve heard involved weighing Coco Pops or Rice Bubbles, but their were only 4 boxes of Saberspoon Coco Pop boxes left, so I had to do for the Fruit Loops and hope it worked. So yes the hot tip is true… weigh your cereal boxes. Digital scales work best.