Today was my first free day in absolutley ages, so I was going to ride over the RGHS to drop of some forms then come back home. I was procrastinating when I woke up whether to drive or ride then made my mind up, because I realised if I didn’t actually ever do what I wanted to do, I’ll never ever get it done. So I packed my gear (water, bike pump, snack etc), went and got my bike and the front tyre was flat so I took it to the servo and filled it up. I was thinking that was odd at the timem ‘cos the back tyre was still full. Lucky I decided to go by home, to get my bike lock. Anyways so I come out, and I hear the air hissing out of the front type…. I’ve got a puncture… Oh No! Bike ride and get exercise plan was ruined… and I was relegated to the car for the trip over to drop the forms of…. so now the options are, fix the tube… or go with my urge and buy a new bike (and use the puncture as an excuse???)…

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