I had an interview today… I find out in the next few days the outcome… I don’t know how it went. It was one of those moments where I have no clue whatsoever how the outcome will be. I have a strong feeling though, that I won’t be offered an offer. We’ll see and I’ll do a postback in a few days about the outcome. Ultimatley either way, I am glad to have even had the opportunity to get thay far. The last few months have been alot of new experiences for me, and I’ve definatley learned alot in the process.

In other news, I got my herbarium and final plant ID test back. It’s really ironic that my best performing subject this semester is my non-IT elective (a science subject). At the start of the semester, I was quite concerned after hearing what the subject involved and the biology aspect of it all. But so far so good. It’s probably on par as one of my fave subjects this semester. Though I am a bit concerned about the final exam – again because of the biology aspect.