So I’m still reading Where The Truth Lies and it’s been taking me quite a bit longer than I thought. It’s a brillant read – full of deception, twists and turn yet with moments of wit that make me laugh out loud at the sheer stupidity/humour of the scene. A book where I’m definatley interested in seeing it’s big screen portrayal in order to experience another’s perception of the storyline.

On another note, I’ve finally mamaged to track down the author and title of the excerpt I read in the paper on the weekend. It was difficult and took me 3 days to eventually track it down (not 3 full days, but 3 days with a moment of serious Googling). It didn’t help that I didn’t remember the author or title, but now I’ve found it, I’m probably going to buy it tomorrow. It’s called Rowing Without Oars and it’s a basically a memoir written by the author from her diagnosis with ALS to her eventual death. From what I read, it was a very evocative and touching story… More on it later on (when I get around to reading it…)