I got my uni results tonight/this morning. It’s weird ‘cos they publicise/tell us that they’ll be released at 5pm on the date, (as they always do each year), but release them at 12 midnight instead. Well they have for the last 3 semesters since they moved over to My Student Admin. So I went to bed at 10:30pm and when I woke up around midnight I had a squiz and woah behold they were online. Pretty stoked with the results. Strangely, my highest subject was my science subject which is heaps mad especially ‘cos it’s my non-IT elective and all. Even though in that exam I left alot of blanks where it asked for examples of plants. Other than that, apart from one subject which I thought I’d do a bit better (but still happy nonetheless), everything else is great. And back to sleep I go…

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