Oh yeah something I forgot to post about. In some ways I don’t think uni is any different to high school. In many ways, everything I hated about highschool, and battled demons with I still see/find at uni. Maybe it’s just the city uni’s, maybe it’s just mine. But as some had said to me in the attempt to brighten my life, I think I may have had the slight misconception to hope so. AS after 2 and a half years, I cannot say it holds true. I wonder if that’s what it’s like the the real world? I wonder how it’ll make me feel… I wonder how much it will continue to play apart of my life?

Ironically for one of my subjects we have to do these tests, and unfortunatley (or fortunatley), I’m fairly self aware of myself having deeply thought about stuff over the years. And it’s times like above that my awareness starts to get the better of me and make me feel not all that great.