Who’d have thought that out of a group of 6 random people, we’re all not really public speakers? Great work considering we to present in front of like a full lecture theatre (approx 200 ppl) in 2 weeks time. So for the time being I’m the token speaker person, cos I think (?) I’ll be able to do it. My plan? Don’t wear glasses or contacts so I can’t see the audience… mwahhh…

Anyway the weather has been kind of crazy recently, after a really warm winter it is now windy, grey and rainy. It better be sunny tomorrow ‘cos Emily asked me to go climb the Harbour Bridge with her so I don’t want to get blown all around everywhere… (okay maybe a slight exaggeration).

Oh yeah side note, everyone watch Grey’s Anatomy on Monday… It’s going to be a great episode! (trust me)

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