Okay, so I haven’t had dinner at home all week so far and restaurant eating is starting to make me feel funny. Then I go to my dad tonight that we’re having steak, sausages and salad on Friday night before I leave in the next morning, and he goes ‘why don’t we just eat out?’ and I just looked at him and said ‘I’m not eating out every day this week’. Come to think of it, if we did, come January I would have eaten out every day for over a month (which probably is not very healthy).

So other than that what’s happening. Oasis concert was on Monday night. The reviews in the papers have been poor, but I didn’t think it was that bad – I actually quite enjoyed it. Sure Liam Gallagher is weird at times, but that’s to be expected with Oasis.

Then Tuesday night, catch up with the guys from uni before we all leave these next few days for our trips. Went to some restaurant on George St that Jess and Adrian wanted to check out. Then after that it was me and 4 of the guys left, and they decided it would be time to take me to a porn store to shock her – with me going ‘guys I won’t be shocked’. So up we went into some store on George St. And now my friend’s MSN name reads ‘… FIRST PORN STORE VISIT LAST NITE ON GMAIL’ (removed my name from the … because I don’t want it to cache :-p). And from our amazing travels we now have a series of pics such as:

(that’s Simon, Leon and me)