Meh I’ll post this story now, ‘cos I didn’t post it earlier in the week. Basically I’m sure everyone has a travel agent gripe story. And I have a *long* one. And it’s not the visa issue anymore as I eventually got my passport back. Basically when I picked my tickets up, I noticed later at night that it was issued for the wrong date! So the next day we got it fixed up. But because it had the wrong date I supposedly will have to pay like $15 – $20 bucks more in tax when I leave Calcutta. BUT it’s bullshit. Because my original booking, which they told me to check over before I signed (back in August may I add) was for the correct dates, thus the price I paid would have been inclusive of my stopover + all taxes included when I paid in full (again in August). So their story about the tax not being included because it was only a transit is bullshit because I DIDN’T BOOK IT AS A TRANSIT IN THE FIRST PLACE! To add insult to the matter, when you fly SIA you are allowed a free stopover in Singapore on one leg of your journey FREE OF CHARGE. This is the very reason I fly SQ flights, because of the stopover. Ha, and then the story they gave me was that a while back SIA cancelled one of their flights, so they made a mistake when reorganising it. I also call that story as crap. There is no way in hell SIA would cancel any of there SIN – SYD flights. 3 flights in, 3 flights out each day. It has been so as long as I can remember. And anyway, the return trip is always booked out as well at that time period. Then further following upon that my ticket now has a totally different booking number to my original booking, so some weird crazy shit happened with my booking. AND the new booking was not made with my KrisFlyer number, yet the old booking was. So now I probably don’t get my points, and I don’t get the extra Internet Check-In options which is totally f#@*$d. Oh and then the suggestion that when I get to Singapore to give SIA a call and give them my local number because the flights are always full then. Um you don’t need to reconfirm on SQ flights – ever. Which further adds to the BS story, because again the original booking was confirmed.

And that’s my long travel agent gripe for the year. Other than that, tonight is another night out for dinner. It’s dinner + drinks later with others, ‘cos one of my mates is leaving on a year long trip that will take her pretty much round the world.