So Im posting more often that I expected to. Got into New Delhi around 7:30pm (New Delhi time) last night. Caught a taxi to Hotel Good Palace. Except it’s in a very obscure place, so it involved driving around for ages trying to find it and asking people for directions. The first thing that I noticed about Delhi was the smell that smells like petrol / burning rubber. Its really noticable mid morning onwards into the night. But early morning you cant smell it. Must be all the generators or something. I dont find it all that too different from Bangkok. Well I suppose its more like the areas of Bangkok on the train lines, but same thing to me. Finding food to eat is tricky, if you don’t know whats safe, so I actually haen’t eaten all tha much. Maccas is cool here cos they serve a different menu. I had a Vegie Suprise burger. Yes I ate at Maccas – at least I have a faint idea of what thw food is, and I’m hoping it was safe to eat.

This morning went on a little sight seeing. Being Asia, Im sure I got ripped of along the way but I bargined it down anyway so its better than not. Tomorrow evening will be leaving for Jaisalmer which is I think on the edge of the Thar Desert.

Now for a bit of random tech talk. Im typing this on a Wndows 98 machine with only 48MB of RAM! But hey it surfs the net and types so I can’t complain.

Anyways have to go and buy a couple of litres of water now. Not safe to drink or even brush your teeth with tap water here.