OMG found a Internet joint with *FAST* Internet!!! Yesterday tried this place 30R for 1 hour, except it was so slow it was impossble. In the 20 minutes I was there I wasn’t able to load a single page properly. And it was 15R minimum which we only found out after we gave up! (That’s an easy way to make money – run a Internet joint with a crap connection and a minimu charge). Here it’s 30R for an hour and its DSL speeds (well entry DSL for Australia).

So the last few days. Jaisalmer was cruisy. Went on an overnight camel safari which was heaps cool. Sand dunes, dung beetles, cold weather, fire and sleeping bags… you get the drift. Hilarious thing was we also took out a discman, CDs, MP3 player and computer speakers, so in the night on the sand dunes, we had music playing and sing-a-longs happening. Then we also had the local guy who made up the came safari song for us. Pretty funny moments.

Anyways I’m in Jodhpur now. The so called Blue City however being here in person is very different. It’s actually Rajasthan’s second biggest season, and it is alot like Delhi. Personally I think it is more smoggy, polluted and crazy than Delhi. Drinking chai on roof top cafes and just chilling is cool though. Had breakfast at the Omelette Shop today. They go through 1000 eggs a day!. An omelette (which consists of 2 lots of toast and eggs), chai and a 1L bottle of water was only 26R which is less than $1 AUD. Tasty.

Tomorrow it is on to Udaipur…