Am in Pushkar now. Nice quiet town, touristy where I am hanging at the moment. Is cool, there’s little bonfires in the street and we’ve got cane chairs up around the fires just hanging. The bus ride here was funny as because me and some of the others were sitting on the back seat, and everytime there was a speed hump the driver didn’t slow down so we literally went flying. The last bump on the way here was massive and Emma (one of the other girls on the trip), went flying forward, with her MP3 player shooting off down the aisle, and not fairing that well after its little trip either.

Oh yesterday we were in this small village town, and because it was a ‘homestay’ we were imagining a primative environment. How wrong we were. The best place we’ve stayed at so far! Marble floored bathroom, reliable hotwater… and there was a swimming pool.

Anyways I’ve got about 16 days left of my trip. Most of the others are going on to other parts of India / the world. But me it’s slowly on my journey back home (via Singapore of course).