So I’m in Jaipur now. Since my last post I’ve managed to pick up a cold along the way so I’m not feeling all that great. Sore throat, stuffy sore head, tired, runny nose, asthma and I feel like I’ve got a slight temperature happening. Not really great fun when you have an approx 5 hour bus ride to take. Got into our accomo, and me and my room buddy went to sleep straight away. Somehow the 2 sick people managed to get put in the same room together.

Yesterday went for a walk at like 6:15am in the morning up this mountain to this temple that was at the top of a hill. Was good, and there were all these monkeys up there to greet us.

I’ve decided that visiting India is at the same time also like a whacked out safari trip at the same time. Along opne’s travels you are bound to see: cows, dogs, cats, monkeys, peacocks, turtles and mongoose. And up close. Especially the monkeys. Much better than the zoo any day!