In Varanasi, one of if not the most holyest(sp?) places in India on the Ganges. Last night we had an hour + wait in the cold because the train was delayed but to a good suprise we got here super early because we didn’t know it stopped here. Originally we were meant to get in around 11ish with a 1 hour road trip here. But we got in at like 7:30am or so.

Anyways I also got my uni results today, and I’m happy with them. The usual story – subjects that were your worst turn out to be better than you thought, and those that were good turn out to be worse.

Anyway that’s it for now. Oh as a random side note, did you know Pizza Hut here costs more for a pizza than in Australia?!? It’s seriously like $10 bucks for a large pizza. Compare that to $5.95 large pizzas back home. But they have a really wide rangeof vego pizzas which is great.