So i caught up with Trish yesterday. Starting (or rather meeting) at Town Hall, we walked to the Powerhouse, then to Chinatown where we had some yummy and cheap food down at Eating World. Then we looped back up the city for a little trek up to the Art Gallery of NSW to check out Artexpress 06. Then down to Pitt Street Mall, and eventually back to Town Hall. Now if you don’t know Sydney, that’s a massive loop to walk and by the time I came home I was totally tired. I fell asleep at 6:50pm woke up at 10:30pm realising I was still dressed and hadn’t had a shower. So I had a shower, turned off my computer and went back to sleep, to wake up at 7:30am this morning. Ignoring an hour for when I woke up… that’s like 12 hours of sleep!!!