Musical Saturday

Just bought Veneer by José González. It’s soft indie pop that’s good to listen to when you want something mellow and not to loud to chill out too.

Also on Musical Saturday, I’ll plug Pandora created by the Music Genome Project. It’s a streaming player, and basically you can create a number of ‘stations’. Each station is created based around some artist(s) or song(s) that you have provided as a starting point. That station will then play songs that are ‘musically similar’. What’s really cool is you can give Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down to songs that are played on your stations, so that future songs will better suit your musical tastes. So if you give a Thumbs Up to a song, that particular station will play more similar sounding songs. Likewise a Thumbs Down will result in songs sounding like the one you don’t like playing less. Another great music site is allmusic. Search and artist and you get to their page, where there is a list of similar artists.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the best part of both Pandora and allmusic is uncovering new artists/bands that you hadn’t heard of before. Of course the problem that then arises is trying to track down cds by them in stores, as they turn usually turn out to be imports or obscure bands…

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