I really need to think up of more creative titles for my posts, but really Shopping Sunday it was. After procrastinating whether or not to go to the beach, I got a call from Jess to go shopping for work clothes, so off I went to the city. Anyways where I was thinking of going to had a shark alarm today.

Now, to the second section of my title… brings me to the topic of buskers (otherwise known as street performers). As a Sydneysider buskers in the city has somewhat perplexed me at times. I always seem to wonder what it would be like from the view of a tourist – whether they would find it entertaining… That brings me to the man dressed as a donkey… except as a donkey he wasn’t doing all that much, just standing on four paws bobbing his head from side to side. For some reason I didn’t find that amusing, or entertaining… sad’s not the right word either… it was just weird. Maybe it’s the connotation of a donkey as an ass? I don’t know.

Continuing on with buskers, brings me to the bicycle courier. I just remembered this just then when I was thinking of what it was I had to blog about because it was actually funny. So as I was on my way to work on Friday morning, and there’s this bicycle courier with his bike playing a trumpet in Martin Place… and his trumpet playing was loud. I think he must have been taking an early morning busking break. But seriously, riding around with your bag of goods to be couriered/delievered AND a trumpet?