Woot, so now I’ve officially graduated. Got to dress up in a black cape (okay really a gown), hood/sash thingo and trencher. It kind of was weird, you know all those past years at uni you see people getting dressed up and then before you know it it’s your turn. And being graduation, and the fact that you only do it like once (unless you do postgrad) it was time to splurge some money on photos and the lot. Photos…. there’s sitting fees for photos, on top of the actual photo cost – but my theory is you may as well do it. So I think we spent like $40 on sitting fees and who knows how much the actual photos will cost (you order them off the Internet). Also got a UTS hoodie/jacket whilst I was there. Then had lunch. Then on the way home, decided to make a random stop off at Riverside to drop in and say hi. That was cool, and I ended up bumming there for quite a bit getting home sometime close to 4 (because I had to walk from the top). All in all, a pretty good day.