Is awfully confusing. Driving around yesterday (the day before garbage collection day) it was clear everyone else was just as befuddled. Having three bins – red for garbage, yellow for recycling and green for garden vegetation is clearly confusing.

There were houses with just the red bin (garbage), others with the red and yellow, others with the red and green or some like us with the red, green and yellow. The confusion lies with the stupid calendar… the old calendar said it was meant to be recycling today, but the new said it was garden vegetation day. Either way someone stuffed up, because if today was meant to be garden vegetation day (which by the looks of the yellow bins left in the street it was), that means no one has had recycling for absolutley ages. Which in turn creates complications for next week, because a) there is no room left in the recycling bin and b) half size normal garbage bins won’t hold the extra recyling.

Hmm that was an awfully long post about a rather boring topic wasn’t it? But it still kinda sucks I think.