So this week has been kind of hectic that I still somehow haven’t managed to catch the final 2 hours of 24. Hectic because I’ve somehow already landed up at the cinemas twice this week. Tuesday night went and saw The Da Vinci Code, then yesterday a very random last minute decision at 8pm resulted in me madly trying to eat noodles and change to make X-Men 3 at 8:20pm. We actually made it to Macquarie on time, but it was sold out, so we had to wait till 9:30 anyway. Next movie to catch when it’s release is the next instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

As for road trippin’, in about an hour and a half or so I’ll be road trippin’ it up the F3 to somewhere before Newcastle for a mate’s birthday. Have picked a stash of CDs to take along for the drive… I might actually get around to listening to Stadium Arcadium which I bought a few days back but still haven’t heard….