Yup we’re a sport loving nation especially where Australia is involved. Pretty much everyone I spoke to at work watched the game this morning. It was perfect timing ‘cos once it finished it was around normal time to wake up anyway, so it just involved waking up earlier than normal. Stupid me sets my alarm for quarter past 5 as I thought nothing interesting would happen in the first 15 minutes. But I was wrong… flicking on the TV, the score was 1-0 Croatia’s way! A penalty in the box made us 1-1 then a stupid fumble by the goalie and we were down (2-0)… thank goodness for Kewell. Though for a moment it was a bit crazy because we had all our attackers on and the opposing team got the ball back up the other side of the field.

The flow on from our win was heavy traffic and crazy soccer fans in the city this morning. Was cool to see all the green and gold, and people horning their horns, and the crazy group in Martin Place along with the trumpet playing bicycle courier.

Here’s hoping that all goes well against Italy 🙂

edit: I just googled about the trumpet playing bicycle courier and it looks like other people are just as bemused/amused…




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