So here’s the gig round up for last night. I have to say that was one impressive show… I suppose there probably one of the biggest bands I’ve ever seen… so I shouldn’t be too suprised, but having seen a number of shows at the Sydney Entertainment Center I was amazed at the size of the screen. It like wrapped the whole stage, and the camera work was absolutley awesome – the footage was like as if you were watching something that was esepcially filmed for dvd except it was what was actually happening…

Great moments… when Chris Martin changed the words of a song to be something along the lines of ‘that shouldn’t have been a penalty’. Then at the end in the encore, they came out in Socceroos jereseys played more songs, then some more nifty camera work which showed them on stage saying thanks and all and panning round the entertainment center. Except because they were in socceroos jerseys and the concert was sold out, it looked so surreal ‘cos it was like they were sports people in the middle of a super crowded stadium…..

Can’t remember the setlist 100% but I found the Brisbane one, and it looks to be the same:

Square One (from X&Y, 2005)

Politik (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)

Yellow (from Parachutes, 2000)

Speed of Sound (from X&Y, 2005)

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)

What If (from X&Y, 2005)

Don’t Panic (from Parachutes, 2000)

White Shadows (from X&Y, 2005)

The Scientist (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)

Till Kingdom Come (from X&Y, 2005)

Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)

Clocks (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)

Talk (from X&Y, 2005)

Swallowed in the Sea (from X&Y, 2005)

In My Place (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)

Fix You (from X&Y, 2005)

All up, a great night out, and real good to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages….

Oh yeh, some mobile pics….