Communication, personality types, learning styles

I don’t usually post work related stuff here, but today i was on this course, and I actually liked it. It was on communication skills, but a fair bit of it was theories, quizzes etc on communication/learning styles etc. It was kind of like this subject I did at uni last year which I really enjoyed. The interesting part of it all was it actually semi rekindled the thought in me of whether I’m doing the right thing. Unlike everyone else who scored ‘people’ in their top 2 preferences (or were evenly spread amongst all) I scored highly in the process and idea areas with a measly 3 for people (*wonders how I got a job…*). And apparently I’m a theorist. Which is nothing awfully new, but it does make me wonder yet again if I should (and would be better) of at uni chasing those theories around – which in some ways I probably would be. It’s food for thought really…

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