So it’s Monday and yeah a public holiday, hence the subject heading. I looove long weekends… instead of the year being thought out in how many weeks of the semester there are left, it’s now thought out in how many weeks to the next public holiday. Which speaking of it, the next one for me is the Bank Holiday (non national though) on the 7th of August.

So yeah back to yesterday’s post. Went out on Sat night with Trish and her uni buddies. We rocked up at the The Roxy for a drink and to go clubbing (which if you know me… I don’t do dancing). Anyways it was pouring with rain and we were running across streets etc to get there. When we get there and get in, we find out there’s a freaking event night for the RSVP dating site!!! So there was an awful lot of older people there. My theory, the normal/okay looking ones probably were all sleazy and/or pedos (well not literally but you get what I mean), and the others… well go figure – does g33k or n3rd sound good? Then later on when the nighclub whatever area opened everyone was extremely young (like just turned 18) or yeah olddddd. Then later on went back to Trish’s watched the Trinidad & Tobago v.s. Sweden match before falling asleep at 4am.

Got home at about 1.30pm the Sunday, and then yep had to leave again soon later. Man I was dressed up like a freaking snowman! But at least I was nice and (kind of) warm. An Inconvenient Truth was a doco… I thought it was fairly interesting especially because I’ve learnt about all that kind of stuff a fair bit over the last years and heard both sides of the debate. It’s an interesting topic because as the movie states there’s one side which says it’s a natural occurence and the other which says it’s human influenced (Al Gore’s side as well). Quite possibly it’s a combination of both. That what is occuring is natural, just that human activities is exacerbating the effects. And I slightly disagree with one of Gore’s points, because in science EVERYTHING is a theory until proved otherwise. Nothing is concrete… that’s the beauty of science and research. Until someone proves otherwise with worthy evidence and findings what we currently know is considered true. Either way it’s not only global warming which we should be worried about, but rather sustainability as a whole. Funnily enough at the end of the movie during the credits there was text etc on the screen telling us what we can do… plant a tree… I’m doing that.. signed up for this work thingo for National Tree Day. And I’ve made a semi pact to pedal power my way there (site is in Ermington somewhere)… because if I’m going to plant trees to save the environment and reduce CO2 emissions, isn’t it kind of stupid if I drive there???

Ooh and I now own Songs for Polar Bears 😀 Fitting enough when in the movies a polar bear appeared I had to smile…