SMH – Why every Australian family needs the internet

Being someone who has had access to technology for pretty much as long as I can remember and having done an IT degree, the digital divide is something that is an issue to society. As a westernised/modernised country, we often see ourselves as lucky when compared to developing countries, but the same issues that plague such nations do exist in Australia in a slightly different context as the article states. One of the reasons behind such divides come from the reason that changes supposed to benefit make the rich better of and the poor even poorer. That applies to all countries but you can see it clearer in developing nations. For example, India and China are two countries who will very soon becoming power horses in the economic world. In fact I recall reading that one of those (or possibly both) are actually higher than Australia on the list. But yet millions of people in those countries live in poverty because it’s the rich people who make and profit economically. The average person on the other hand doesn’t reap those rewards. And that very same analogy applies here on the technological front.