If you’ve been reading this recently, you’ve probably heard me raving somewhere along the way about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There have been 4 presales before public sale, and me and my mates have managed to miss out on even getting tickets in all presales. A nd we had this crazy assed plan of having multiple people trying for tickets at the same time and so on. I was going to then have to queue up at 6:30am tomorrow in the vain hope of acquiring chili bowl tickets, but thats to a friend, who has the day off, their going to head to a surburban Ticketek where we’ll hopefully have some goodluck, whilst another mate will try over the Internet. Alongside this will be crazy phone calls from one to the other when we somehow manage to acquire our half a grand++ of tickets… oh and we’re in no way scalpers… just really crazy fans desperate for tickets……. ahh such is life