Fill in the ……… with whatever curse you want. I tried to upgrade the K2 theme last night (really more like early this morning!), and for the most part it worked. And the upgraded theme was actually better… except that the stupid sidebars module would not work, and at 12 something at night, I could not bother tinkering with the code… I tried a hack of the code which worked, but I didn’t like it, ‘cos I had to inverse the if statement, which annoyed me. So mass attempts later, I went back to the old K2 and modified some of the styles… going to bed at closer to 2am than 1am.

Only to have my dad wake me up a bit after 6am as we are supposed to pick mum up from the airport. Except I found out late last night that the flight got delayed by an hour…. Surprise surprise this morning, it turns out it ended up getting delayed 4+ hours, so here I am awake at 7 something am and we won’t have to leave till at least 10am at the earliest! Bummer… (to the sleep thing)