Okay, so I haven’t blogged in ages, but this post is semi worthy of posting. About Monday last week, I went to chuck some garbage out and I spotted these microchip devices on our garbage bins. I made a mental note to mention to my dad about them, as I couldn’t for the life of me remember seeing them before (because their not exactly in a noticeable place to start off with). Anyways I’d forgotten about it till I flicked through the local paper and saw this article. So it looks like it is fairly new, and my mind isn’t going crazy imagining I’m seeing microchips in places they weren’t before.

I’m kind of undecided over the microchipping idea… I can see it has some possible potential uses, but I’m leaning towards not liking it. The prescence of the microchip means effectively the council can pretty much gather whatever data they want. They say that “information provided by the microchips for residential households will only used on a suburb by suburb basis not individually” but the fact remains info about individuals could be collected if they wanted to. Do you really want the council knowing how much your garbage weighs? what is in your garbage and so on? Yeah it sounds like miniscule unimportant pieces of information, but if you think about it it’s just the same as someone manually going through your garbage bin….