Don’t you love public holidays that no one else?

Well okay other people do have the Bank Holiday off as well, but it doesn’t really help when the people you know don’t have it off. So I was kind of thinking today was going to be a somewhat lazy day in watching dvds and tv on my lonesome. Turns out not quite… rather I spent half my day driving all around Sydney. Not that that was a bad thing. My journey for today kind of involved Putney > Denistone > Chester Hilll > Putney > Eastwood > North Ryde > Putney… beat that a half day crazy road trip. In the midst of my travels the Eastwood stop involved dropping some old uni stuff off to a mate. I haven’t been to Eastwood in ages… I remember years back when it was nothing like it is now. Not that it’s current prescence is good or bad…. just that alot happens in 10+ years doesn it? I wonder what I’ll be doing in 10 years?

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