Ben Folds and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

So I’d heard about this before it even went on sale ages ago, but then I’d forgotten about it. When I realised it was too late. Not only had extra shows been added, but they had all sold out. But just today extra seats were released. Their in the Choir Stalls which is back stage, but they were cheap and will certainly make for a different experience as it will be facing the SSO conductor (as opposed to facing his back). Looking forward to some good piano styled indie/alt/pop tunes with a symphonic element to it all.

On another note, the Foo’s are doing an acoustic tour and it’s all sold out as well. Some people camped for 30+ hours in the crazy weather last night to get tix in the first 10 rows. You had to buy tix for the first 10 rows in person limited to 2 per person. Plus you don’t get them till the day and you’ll be wristbanded when you pick them up. Good to see a band/promoters doing something to minimise scalping. I probably would’ve loved to go, but I’m more for the rock side of them… plus I think I’ve spent alot of money on concerts this year… hmm reminds me to find out how much that U2 ticket costs…

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