American TV season has started up again and I’m in TV and music heaven as they kind of somewhat go together. Now you’ve probably all heard me rave about Snow Patrol for ages… but as of late they’ve sold out… Not that selling out is a bad thing, but the use is really somewhat getting out of hand. Still I reckon it is somewhat awesome to hear them on big hit tv shows, considering they were previously somewhat nobodies… Just in the last 2 weeks they’ve been played on both Grey’s (again for the 3rd time!) and Jericho….

Speaking of Jericho, after I watched the first episode I mentioned to a mate it was a lot like Lost, and woah behold I read this article that that’s what others have been saying… it’s Lost without the island and plane crash really. Oh and Ugly Betty turns out I’m also not the only one who reckons it’s like The Devil Wears Prada… We’ll see if those two shows survive it past their first season….

Other than that…. apparently the Big Day Out line up comes out this Wednesday???…..