Did The Coast Track over the weekend with some of the crew. Left Eastwood around 7:30ish Sat morning bound for Otford arriving a bit after 10am I think. Then started walking. Had a swim at Garie beach mid afternoon then plodded on to the campsite arriving round 5:30pm. Up at 6am today to eat/pack and continue on.

Was good… even though I think today I was walking really slow, so probably slowed the group down. Courtesy of one ginormous blister on the bottom of my fourth left toe (i swear it’s as large as a fingernail!), and two others not that huge on my right foot. So now I hobble ‘cos it’s damn hard to walk normally and not roll onto them.

Along the way saw quite a few animals… an echinda(!), a goanna, dolphins, lizards, bush cockroaches, a leg carcass of some kangaroo like animal, ugly looking pufferfish and a snake (I didn’t see it), that I apparently almost stepped on.

Other than that super tired…. and I should head to sleep ‘cos I got another late night tomorrow…. heading to U2 after work.