Well the first half was the nerd part. My friend had what effectively was a dead Creative Zen Micro that was out of warranty. After I’d found out that the Zen Micro actually had a Microdrive and not flash memory and knowing about the drive swapping that could be done on the Muvo2, it seemed a lot more promising that it could be resurrected to see another day (and to play more music!).

So a google was called for to arm myself with whatever I could find about dismantling the player. For any would be dismantlers, this and this are the two best ones on working out how to get the thing apart… (strange that the HardwareZone site didn’t want to display me pictures at my home yesterday but it works fine today???). Armed with print-outs, compactflash cards, screwdrivers and whatever other paraphernalia that I may need I went over and we proceeded to take apart the player.

About an hour or so later (due to me putting in the compactflash card the correct way, thinking it was the wrong way and swapping it round, then realising it was correct the first time) we had a fully functional mp3 player. So yep if anyone’s wondering it’s definatley possible to replace the microdrive with a compactflash card – just that the players a pain to get apart and put back together again.

After that it was watching season 2 Grey’s eps. Seemed so long ago that I’d seen them, I’d forgotten some of the awesomely funny lines that the show had. Anyways that’s it, have a happy new year, and here’s to hoping the weather holds out tomorrow night!