Hope it brings whatever you all hope it brings!

As for my New Year’s Eve adventures we headed into the city to watch the fireworks amongst the other crazy throngs of people (though why people take babies in on NYE is beyond me!). After walking down Clarence Street somewhat worried we looked like deros with our drinks whilst drinking at the same time we made it to Circular Quay for the 9pm fireworks. Another drink and then a stakeout. A necessary toliet trip, lots of people and a somewhat attempt at a barricade by police/security to stop people from getting in called for an attempt in sneaking in. Join a group gradually, pretend to have a convo wait for one friend to disappear in and the other to give you a friendly shove into the crowd 🙂 .

One awesome moment, Bridge St turning into a somewhat street nightclub/dance scene that was pretty cool. Walking up from the Quay we heard some doof doof music playing out from the Republic Hotel. On closer walking it actually turned out to be a whole bunch of people dancing/partying outside the hotel in the middle of the road. Complete with a random pulled out pot plant that some person was waving around. You kind of had to be there.

Other than that, with ’07 marking a new year… i should embark on minimising my usage of a certain non rude 9 letter word… but seriously that is so not going to happen… 😛