As in, in about 3 weeks and a day I’ll be in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was a really random spur of the moment decision I decided upon last week which resulted in me booking airline tickets earlier this evening. I didn’t even have a guide/travel book till yesterday afternoon >.< But I’m really excited, ‘cos I have a fascination with Asia and it’s definitely a place I want to see (along with Laos, Bhutan, China and more of India). Being last minute and all I had a few problems sorting the flights out.

Long story cut short, for my plans to work out I needed an open jaw ticket. Even though Singapore flies out of Siem Reap every day, no matter how hard I tried I could not get a flight out of Cambodia on an open jaw even though the flights that fly out we’re available. I even rang up the airline, and the guy was like oh there’s no flights out that day… but then when I asked him to tell me every day they fly out and the times, there was a flight for each day. So then I was going to fly Jetstar from Singapore to Cambodia. But then today flight availability out of Sydney was sketchy ‘cos there was this special on which ends tomorrow and all the flights I had planned for yesterday the system told me no longer were available. But lucky some in the afternoon came available. Until I found out that the Jetstar tickets went up $10 and combined with airport tax, because I actually had to check out and recheck in for the budget carrier turned out to be more expensive than spending an extra day in Siem Reap (which I didn’t want to do ‘cos I have a tight schedule). But since I couldn’t get a flight out of Singapore till the 18th, it all worked out cheaper flying Singapore Airlines.

So all in all, I’m into Phnom Penh on the 2nd of Feb and leaving Siem Reap on the 14th. Between those dates I’ll make my way up to Siem Reap (seeing I have to leave from there anyway), and hopefully have time to take a boat trip down the Tonle Sap to Battambang but I think water levels play a part there so we’ll see.

Excited and freaked at the randomness of it all… 😀