23 people in a pickup truck

Plus all our backpacks, daypacks and some guys bicycle. I was one of the last to get in, and hence was one of the ‘standing passengers’. It was damn crazy like seriously hold on for dear life ‘cos the road was dirt with ditches and stuff at least 80% of the way. I suppose on the other hand it means my arm muscles might just be a little bit stronger??? But there’s no way I’m doing it again… I reckon it was pretty lucky that we didn’t roll, ‘cos at one sideways ditch thingo…

Anyways so I arrived here, and I was supposed to have someone pick me up, but there wasn’t anyone there… so I got into the city and looked at a few places. I couldn’t be bothered walking much so the place I looked at first (with the free ride in) had no rooms in my range so I picked the next closest. $3 a night only cold water though… I can handle that as long as there is no insects… so we’ll see tomorrow.

Edit:to add some pictures…

IMG_0659.JPG  IMG_0660.JPG

First pic: One of the pickups being loaded up. Add to the backpacks being loaded on at the back another 2 layers and their corresponding owners to get a better idea.

Secondpic: Self taken on the one I was in.We were stilll loading up then. Eventually Another 2 guys hopped in behind me, and there is also a person right in front of me who hadnot stoodup yet. Not exactly the bestest pic, but rather one that had to be taken. I think a coupleof other people took crazy photos along the way, but me standing up was somewhat impossible…including taking a drink as I was super thirsty but lucky someone caught me in time, as just as I have my hands free the guy decides to start driving again!

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