It’s a kind of tacky rhyming title but it fits the occasion. So I woke up at the yet again crazy early time of 5:15am this time. I had to go to this other guesthouse to be picked up cos my one seemed to have no one who spoke English and understood what I meant by ‘book bus ticket’. Anyways pickup was supposedly at 7am, but since it was the place I was staying I walked down early at like 6am and just sat. Which was probably a good idea, cos they came earlier.

Anyways so we get to the bus company place where we’ll get on the real bus. We’re meant to leave at 7:30am, but the bus doesn’t seem to work. So they try fixing it to no avail. Next thing you know a perfectly working bus rolls up, and they take the part from that bus to put it into our bus. Anyone see the logic in that… they take apart a bus to fix another bus?!?! We eventually got moving at around 9:30am.

Meh and my guidebook was like the road is all good now, and it’s better than the boat… but this road… I don’t think it counts as a road. There were these little bypass/detour thingos around these bridges, just enough for 2 vehicles to pass by. On one of them a truck ladden with stuff had rolled which made it crazy to get around it (as passing it if not careful would have then caused your own vehicle to roll down the embankment). Anyways so all the locals started disembarking the bus (there was only me and guy who were travellers on this bus trip). Then when we realise the driver is going to drive by, we decide to jump out too. It was another one of those moments which wasn’t all that safe. Not to mention the other trucks which broke an axle/lost its tires and hence also kinda fell apart later down the road.

So a load of dust and potholes later we eventually got here, where I did as the locals did and grabbed my backpack and jumped of in the middle of an intersection. That’s cos I recognised where I was and I didn’t want to have to pay for a ride back if I could jump off and walk.