Well not quite yet (have a week left), but I’m leaving for Singapore in 3 days. And that leg back is close enough to home for me… so what can I conclude?

  • Dust is good for your health (*joking*) – I think I understand why people wear face masks or wrap something around their face. Though silly me only resorted to doing so today! Plus it gives you a nice red-brown glow (along with all the clothes)
  • Pick the moto/tuk tuk driver who isn’t harrasing you
  • Fresh fruit is good
  • The Internet was a wonderful invention… so was the mp3 player
  • People in ancient times must’ve had legs of steel to climb the crapload of stairs there are up to wats and so on. Either that or I’m super weak (which is highly plausible).
  • After a few days you really can’t be bothered with ensuring your clothes are washed properly (e.g. I’ve been wearing the same boardies and 2 shirts since Tuesday). As long as they don’t smell it’s all good. It has gradually declined from using soap to wash the clothes to something along the lines of ‘what the heck, everyone else is going to smell as well…’
  • Hot weather makes you really sleepy

Other than that… I think I’m possibly getting a cold. Which sucks bigtime, so I’m drinking all this water and other stuff to try to get it to go away.

Anyways gotta go pack my stuff for my trip back up tomorrow.