I figure since it’s a 3 day pass, and since I most definatley will be landing up at an Internet place, I may as well name the titles of these posts accordingly.

Well this morning I woke up semi early around 6 something or another. The other 2 Americans we met last night (who I can’t for the life of me remember their names) already had left for Angkor early in the morning. The other guy (from the bus) I think he was still asleep (plus I think he was keen to bike it which I wasn’t that sure if I’d do today). Anyways ate some breakfast then found myself a tuk tuk driver. $30 USD for 3 days. Would’ve been cheaper if I’d found people to share but meh… I don’t mind too much ‘cos then can travel at my own pace.

First up Angkor Wat:

(the sun was kind of in the way and causing the shadow, but it still looks cool)

Angkor Thom:

(self posed and taken, staring into nothingness)