So headed really really far out today. Also did a 40min walk each way through the bush (though it was a marked path and safe) to see these rock carvings of Vishnu in a river bed. Then headed back to the city whick soon became evade the tuk tuk driver. You basically hire a driver and his tuk tuk for the whole day regardless of passengers. But because it was just me the first two days he wanted another $5 USD which we weren’t going to pay. Plus he showed up with just his bike this morning and I’m like ‘tuk tuk?’ anyways long story short I stretched the truth about me previosuly hiring a tuk tuk with 2 friends for same amount and evaded him by following the other guy into his hotel lobby till the guy left. Other than that he was a really nice driver.

Anyways I’ve bought a stash of fruit for my boat trip tomorrow. Going off now to grab a drink and waste some time before finding someplace to eat.