So I’m on the net again. I reckon I spend a good $1-3 USD on net access per day. Actually I’m wasting time now but it’s letting me catch up on everything happening in the world around me. Like this article on declining the recline which I don’t really agree with as the number one annoying habit. I’m kind of like, dude if your flying it’s to be expected. Like if the guy in front of you sticks their seat back, then you do and so on as it takes the domino effect down the plane. But I suppose if someone reclines their seat whilst your eating that could be annoying, but it’s never happened to me… as for screaming kids and loud talkers… that’s what headphones and the volume button is for.

Oh in other random travelling news I was sitting here (in this internet/travel joint) and I overheard this guy trying to organise a trip out to Banteay Srei. The people said the rate was $20 USD for a half day which was absurd (though sometimes it does cost a couple more dollars ‘cos it is fairly far out). Anyways I got up from my spot here and double checked where he wanted to go as I’m going out there tomorrow for half a day and am paying $10 USD for my driver. So it turned out we were heading to the same place, so I said he’s more than welcome to come along and share the ride seeing that I’ve already got transport arranged and all. So got that all sorted out, and will get my tuk tuk driver to swing buy the guy’s hotel after he picks me up at 7:30am. Sweet (plus it means I save $5 bucks).

Oh and I sorted out my trip to Battambang. Yet again I shall be waking up at some crazy hour. Something about pick up being at 5:15am?!? Suppose it’s not too bad. I don’t think I’ve slept in past 7am. Try to do everything by the afternoon as it gets too hot and all you want to do is laze around.