Well I got here okay. My accomo is okay, I think it’s a bit overpriced for what I paid, so I probably won’t stay there Monday night… I’ll go for something in the cheaper range. But it’s in walking distance to the riverside so alls good.

Woke up super early this morning like at 1am which is 5am Sydney time which is probably when I usually start waking up gradually on a normal day… but I managed to get back to sleep. Eventually woke up at a more normal time, and headed out to visit the killing fields and Toul Sleung. Booked my ticket for the bus to Siem Reap as well and checked out a market.

Oh as to be expected, the traffic is nutters here as well… even though i’ve been places where you kinda just step out and slowly make your way across the road, it’s always freaky when you have to do it yourself..

Oh and the big *oh!* comes by me saying they drive on the other side of the road! so when I walk up to a road I’m like super careful cos I always seem to look the wrong way first!

That’s it for now, my hour is up soon, so Im going to head up the river on a walk…