I have to do a double post today because I have had a fun filled slightly crazy freaky night, involving all of the above plus more. So after typing the previous post, I headed down to Em’s house and we headed back in the same direction to this Indian place for dinner. Speaking of this place, there was this sign in the front window which I wanted to take a photo of (but didn’t) because it was so obviously wrong. If I remember right it was something like ‘25% off special Monday – Teus’.

Anyways so we ate and so on then headed back down to her house. We get there and go in and then the bottom lights stop working, so we decide we’ll try and fix it… after we get a torch we then see a cockroach… and if you know me, cockroaches (and for that matter most other crawly things) are probably when I am most likened to the girly girl (but more on that later). Anyways so we spend a good while trying to kill this cockroach by the light of a torch which doesn’t want to die. By which stage when we do get around to actually killing it, I’m standing half way up a set of stairs. You see I refuse to kill cockroaches myself if I can help it. The noise it makes when whacking it is like… ewww. So after we deal with that we start making our way outside. Until my friend tells me theres a spider and it’s web just outside… So we weave this path underneath it and then it’s like crap more ‘roaches (mini ones though) and trees on the way to the switchbox.

Then my mate does a run to the box and I follow. At which point I let out a pretty crazy scream, ‘cos I feel something down my leftside. I’d run into a spiderweb! Fast forward a bit more and we hadn’t fixed the lights. Turned out to be something we didn’t know how to fix. But we had power so we settled in for some O.C. viewing. And can I say how corny most of it was. Come on… there just happens to be a mid-wife and a wedding planner in the Cohens ex-house that they want to buy, just at the same time as Kirsten is having her baby and Julie wants to get married?!? And how unfortunate that they didn’t actually all die. Though that said the actual ending wasn’t too bad, pity about the rest of the show being so awfully plotted.

Oh random moment of the night, trying to blow this candle out from like more than a metre a way. It didn’t work, ‘cos after about 3 breaths I was totally exhausted of air, plus on the verge of cracking up ‘cos it looked and sounded so damn funny/silly.