So I made it to Siem Reap all good. Minus the bus driver having to horn like every 30 secondms on the way up here to let motos in front of us the bus was barreling down the street/road and to get out of our way.

Along the trip sat next to an American guy. He already had a room booked in Siem Reap and a free pick up from the bus station. The price he paid was at the upper end of my budget but seeing as i had no accomodation anyway, I caught a lift down to the hotel/guesthouse with him to see if they had any cheaper rooms whuch they did. So all worked out good.

Then in the afternoon we hired some bikes and pedal powered our way out to Angkor. We’d heard it was about 7KM away and you could get your passes for the next day at around 4:30pm then have a wander around. Except we took soem super long route and 3 entrances later we were at the right one for me to buy my 3 day pass (3 day passes only being sold at one entry point). Then we had to cycle back to Angkor Wat (‘cos all the temples are in archaeological park), to wander around for a bit, then a cycle back to Siem Reap. Traffic is crazy here, so I’ve converted to the ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’… (I think?)