Okay they aren’t actually that crazy but they have been pretty jammed full. First it was planning holidays then actually going on them. Now it’s catching up with friends doing courses amongst other happenings in my life. And don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad thing i just don’t recall when i last had so many things happening in my life. Next week I have an abseil course two nights so it continues.

This weekend is starting tonight with a catchup and a lets laugh at how silly the final episode of The O.C. is going to be followed tomorrow by a day out at Roventure in some place i have yet to work out where it exactly is… Sunday I’m heading hopefully to the beach assuming the weatherman remains correct with the report!

As for other happenings in my somewhat at the moment crazy life well I don’t really post much other than the usual mundane posts for the obvious reasons of the persistency of the internet world…

Random side topic there is this guy who is asleep next to me and he keeps falling onto me! Dude if your falling asleep don’t start falling onto random passengers. Oh he almost just fell of The seat!