There quite possibly were some other words I could have used in the post title which may have expressed my dismay at the weather a little bit more forcefully/strongly but I think I have to expand my vocab and try to use some ‘other’ words (in which case I could really be minimising it?) You see if it wasn’t bad enough being into computers (that alone tends to degrade your vocab especially with the wonderful inventions of F7 and Shift + F7 in Word), completing a predominatly (still so) male course at uni further added to what could possibly be term bad engrish… though mine seems to be more fobby at times with the sometimes inclusions of words I should say less.

But back to the weather… Saturday was pretty damn fine (until really late afternoon), whilst Sunday and today is like all grey and rainy. Ironically pretty much everytime I’ve pre-planned to do something outside this summer, it’s been the wrong kind of weather! And since it’s actually almost Autumn, this grey weather of late might just be the seasons changing… but we’ll see I guess. Maybe just maybe the cloud gods may give me a couple more weekends of real sun (or is that too much wishful thinking)?

Other than that, with the weather going the way of the subject title, headed to the movies instead on Sunday… and should I be somewhat ashamed/embarrased that it’s the second time I’ve actually fallen asleep in a cinema? Nothing against the company I was with :-p but the ability to fall asleep almost anywhere means that the chair provided for a comfortable place for a 10 or so odd minute nap. Plus the fact that was probably one of the longest movies I’ve ever seen!

Hmm and then I had the annual CNY dinner thingo which I thought was late (everyone being away and all), but then I found out it actually goes for 15 days? So supposedly I’m supposed to be more prosperous this year… i’ll have to get back on that one in a years time…