So I have a crapload of time to waste today. My flight doesn’t leave till 6:30pm ish and I still have hours before I even have to consider about getting to the airport. And ‘cos I left my guesthouse at like 10am and have my pack with me I can’t be bothered doing all that much. Not to mention it’s hot and humid outside. So here I sit surfing/typing/wasting time/catching up on the news.

Oh random side topic, someone mentioned this to me maybe about a week ago, but they were saying how in Vietnam theres places where they’ll load your mp3 player with music/video content (as opposed to buying the cds/dvds – which aren’t all that legit anyway). So I had found one yesterday, and went through looking through the whole booklet to write down what I wanted and eventually had a list. Except then when I went to give it in, it was like it’d be ready at 9pm, but I wasn’t going to be down there then. Then I’m like can I come by tomorrow, and the guy’s sure, but then I was meant to leave my iPod with him, and there was no way in hell I was going to do that. I’m sure it would’ve been cool and all, but I wasn’t willing to part with my device. So I said I’d swing by today. Except I didn’t cos I can’t be bothered walking 15mins down then back up. Lazy I know, but no major loss.