If it wasn’t the ‘lets not mention the company’ to do with my internet the other week, I’m now finding foreign materials in lollies I’m eating. I’m walking across the Harbour Bridge and I feel this odd object (and taste) hit my teeth. At first I pass it off, then I spit it out to find out there’s bits of aluminium foil looking material all in it. And I turn to my friend and am like ‘there’s foil in this lollie’. So we then did some macro shots of the spat out foil riddled chewed up lollie whilst standing on the Harbour Bridge walkway.

When I got home out of curiosity’s sake I pulled the foil pieces out of the chewed up lollie and it looks like foil wrapping from either another type of lollie or something similar, there’s wording printed on the foil as well, but I can’t make out all of it as it’s only bits of foil. It actually turned out to be quite a bit once I had fished it out and unravelled the folded over bits. Looks like I’ll be spending more time on the phone in the complaints hotline.

And since it’s still tonight, I have to post of an awesome moment of sheer stupidity/funniness. It tooks us 3 ticket machines and a lot of attempts to buy a train ticket. I got mine fine, then we had problems trying to buy the next one. It was kind of one of those ‘user error’ situations… but hey we’re not train people… so I think that cancels our really dumb attempts out.